Booties and Babies

28 Apr

I thought the girl was supposed to be the gentle, nurturing one and the boy was supposed to be the one making fart jokes in the back seat of the car? Did my kids get switched up in the universe somehow? Ok, ok, not fair, the boy doesn’t even walk yet not to mention few recognizable words leave his cute little mouth so I cannot be sure that he won’t become a dirty icky boy someday. My sweet little girl, on the other hand, it seems is skipping the whole princess-pinkalious-phase (I hope, I pray) and going straight to the raunchy/indifferent teenager phase. (Please note, I have little to no experience in any of this so I could be far more wrong than I hope to believe. I mean, this girl isn’t quite three yet so we have many years of princess playing to come…maybe)

This week she thinks it’s hilarious to pull down her pants and put her bare ass on you (doesn’t matter where…arm, leg, face) and shriek “booty on you, booty on you!” and run away sounding like a jacked up hyena. She will drop her beloved baby (and we have many, so yes, the stereotypical girl play is there after all) on the hard, cold pavement at the drop of a hat if the mood suits her and thinks it’s “cool” when Daddy slams on his brakes to avoid hitting an elk in the middle of the road. She is not attached to anything in particular – no special snuggies for bedtime, no special treatment to one baby or stuffed animal over the next, no favorite dress or shoe or hat…so I worry that she is missing her sentimental bone. Maybe it is just her age. Or maybe I should not worry about it at all as it makes it a hell of a lot easier to deal with when you realize that you accidentally forgot her Madeline doll at home as you board a plane for a week’s vacation.

In any event, it is time for me to hit the hay. So the worrying will have to wait until tomorrow’s booty attack. Bon nuit a tous.


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