Meeting the Farmers

31 May

I have always been a fan of farmer’s markets. I mean, how wonderful to actually meet some of the people who grow your food? But I have a confession to make. I don’t often attend them.

Here’s where life with two kids under 3 starts to interfere with your wants and desires (and no, I don’t mean those wants and desires, get your head out of the gutter, geez). I would love to be that parent who happily straps their kids in the bike trailer and sprints away to pick out their fresh veggies and fruits but frankly at this point I would rather walk over hot lava. Coordinating it all seems so damn daunting. Inevitably, one of my bike tires is always flat or someone needs snacks or has shit his pants all of which adds minutes to departure time. Time is crucial is outings like these has we usually only have about a 2 hour window before someone needs a nap or a meal. Plus the actual timing of the markets never seem to work out. Weekend markets are almost entirely off the map because we are usually out of town and weekday markets tend to be right smack in the middle of nap times or the dreaded meltdown hour so dragging two cranky kids across town just isn’t high on my list of “to do’s.”

So that is my laundry list of excuses. Still think I am lazy no good mother who can’t buck up and get her kids to experience the joys of food foraging? Me too. But this all may change now that we experienced Colinwood Farm carrots this past weekend. After almost a week of traveling across country for me and many long child-hours logged in for my husband, we decided to forgo the annual camping trip we make with a large group of friends and kick it in the city for the long holiday weekend. Our neighborhood farmer’s market is quite famous and usually just teeming with people which is another reason I have a habit of avoiding it with two young kids. But with partly cloudy skies and most of the city out of town, we decided to succumb and head down. Boy oh boy was it worth it!

My daughter picked out the first container of strawberries I have seen (grown locally, not the steroid ones in the grocery stores) and some exquisite carrots. Now, the girl is good at picking out the veggies but only so-so in the eating part. But, let me tell you, after a little sauteing in some coconut oil with a dash of honey, even my daughter who has never ever met a carrot she liked (even as an infant she would spit out the pureed kind), gobbled them up in an instant. They were sweet and had so much flavor. A trek through the throngs of people may be in order for another bunch or two of these tasty little guys.


One Response to “Meeting the Farmers”

  1. Severine May 31, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    I also find it hard to drag two kids to the farmer’s market! Luckily we have a really good organic fruit & veg box delivered weekly… I have also started roasting my carrots with drizzled honey and cumin and the kids gobble them up! BTW I love your new site.

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