Finding Utopia

19 Jun

Last night I read an article in the latest Vanity Fair that gave me goosebumps and ideas – a sometimes venturous combination. There is something about the 1960’s that does this to me – it gets me every time. I know I have the benefit of time on my side where I get to read and watch about the best of the times and skip over all the dark and dreary bits, but still, it was a magical time to live. I am sure of it.

“If you were between 15 and 30 that year, it was almost impossible to resist the lure of that transcendent, peer-driven season of glamour, ecstasy, and Utopianism. It was billed as the Summer of Love, and its creators did not employ a single publicist or craft a media plan. Yet the phenomenon washed over America like a tidal wave, erasing the last dregs of the martini-sipping Mad Men era and ushering in a series of liberations and awakenings that irreversibly changed our way of life.” Vanity Fair, June 2012

These articles spark a desire for the ultimate utopia – where everyone is kind to each other, people live within their means and it happens to be sunny all the time. This place doesn’t really exist, I know that, but a girl can still dream can’t she? I have visions of living in a community where everyone likes each other, socializing is fun and spontaneous, there are tons of kids running around free and spirited, that darn sun is out most of the year and there are rows and rows of fruit trees, veggies patches and plants as far as the eye can see. (I told you this was utopia remember?) Oh and I also want it to snow in the wintertime…with mountains nearby and the sea as well. (Let’s just take this dream all the way, shall we?)

Maybe it’s the vibe of these types of articles that set me down this path – they are always so romantic and engaging. Nostalgia is a dangerous thing sometimes but I don’t think it is a horrible way to set some goals. I want what they had. Is it even possible anymore?

So I am off to find some cool places to live. I will start interviewing and investigating. If you live somewhere dynamic and want to share it with me, contact me. I’d love to hear all about it.

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