Entering the Unknown

25 Jun

So. We are moving. To the country. To a farm, no less.

We decided a few weeks ago that we need to shake it up a bit around here. We need to have an adventure and save up for a bigger adventure. We just aren’t checking off any of our goals while living in the city – mainly a lot of travel – and moving away seems like a good way to light the fire under our asses. We don’t necessarily want to leave the city – we like it here, we have tons of friends here, there are a zillion activities for our kids here – but I think it is what we need. A little shift. A little unknown.

We are moving to my parent’s farm out by a place called Dabob Bay, off of the Hood Canal. I take the kids here constantly so it is not going to be a huge shift for them, but quite a change for us. It will be far away from yummy sushi and flaky pastries, walkable parks and the zoo, five different grocery stores and oodles of people watching. In exchange we will get acres upon acres of nature to explore including woods, creeks, ponds, beaches and pastures. We will get animals everyday and plenty of homegrown veggies, fruits and harvested seafood.

As it turns out, the timing couldn’t be more perfect – our friends were looking for a house to rent in our neighborhood so voila, renters were in place a week after we made up our mind to move. My parent’s just finished renovating the cottage on the property and I found a sweet Waldorf school on a farm nearby for Maya.

It will be interesting to see what we miss and don’t miss. What plans we hatch up and what goals shift. We truly have no idea where we want to go from there so the possibilities are daunting but exciting. Nothing like a little unknown with two toddlers in tow.



One Response to “Entering the Unknown”

  1. Life & Sunshine June 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    sounds like an amazing adventure ahead 🙂

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