Getting Through the Transition

8 Jul

After a few days spent on the farm to unload a westfalia full of boxes, here I am, back in the city, driving around and wishing I was anywhere but here. It is a hot hot July weekend day and everyone has emerged from their homes to profitier. Who knew so many people lived here! I’m starting to feel aggressive in the city – especially driving around on a hot day when traffic is fierce. Sundays are normally a do-not-leave-the-house day because it can get too busy for me on weekend days but I had to escape the whining of my children so here I sit at my favorite spot in the city – the Shilshole Marina. It’s where II go to chill out, smell the salty air and romantize the boating life – out there on the sea, away from all the people.

Which is funny – because out of everything I feel that I will miss about the city, the people are one of them –just the vast variety of people is enough to keep your eyes busy for days. I love watching people – especially in cities. Foreign cities are the best.

But for now, I am ready for the quietness of the country – we shall see how long that lasts. I think I may surprise myself. I can’t help but think about college – I went to an all women’s college in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts– a beautiful valley full of farmlands and quaint New England homes. Our school was fairly peaceful – aside from the occasional rally or rock band coming through, it was more or less a place for study, reflection and growth. A good place to make hard and fast friends. A few towns away was another small liberal arts college and a state university. There was always a party to go to there, always a lot of action and busyness. After an afternoon or a late evening there, it was wonderful to hop on the PVTA (bus system) and head back to our quiet sanctuary. In this way, we could live the best of both worlds. I have a feeling this is what I am going to need once I leave the bustling city – I am going to want to be close enough to keep my pulse on it when I want but far enough away to feel the quiet and calm whenever I please. Not such a hard thing to ask of a place right?

And I can’t be certain, but my kids seem to be way more entertained and deep in play in nature – whether it be on the farm or on the beach on the island (they are SO lucky to have grandparents who live in very cool places). They seem less irritable, more focused and way more engrossed in their play. Trying to coax these kids off the beach or inside from the self-made mud holes and creek adventures can sometimes be a serious test of my negotiating skills.

So I am eager to get this adventure on its way. Only 5 more days unil we need to pack up and ship out. This in-between period is always the hardest. The transitions are never all that much fun.



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