The New Digs

24 Jul

I would like to share some photos of our new home on the farm. Just a few snapshots.

The best aspect of this place so far is the space. Oodles of space. I am beginning to wonder if this may spoil me for life. We live on 112 acres and it is hard to describe how vast and private it feels. You cannot see any neighbors – the properties to the north are all pasture land, to the east and west are woods and to the south is land placed in conservation – meadows, creeks and more pasture. We basically live in our own little universe.

My kids are taking full advantage. They just wander all day long and I don’t have to worry about much – just need to supervise when they go near the creeks or pond. Sebastien generally stays close and I like to keep an eye on him at all times but Maya is all over the place. I may be naive to let a 3 year old climb a tree on her own – but I figure if she falls, I will hear her and there is nothing I would have been able to do for her if I were standing right there anyhow.

More so though, the space let’s me breath. I think the space is more beneficial to me as a parent than it is to them as children. I can pick raspberries for an hour while the two of them scamper about, too ingrained in their own play and exploration to bother me every 3 minutes. I can actually get something done. Start and finish a project. While picking raspberries may seem trivial, it is a monumental accomplishment when your primary job is really to watch and entertain your children.

There are also certain elements that I thought I would miss about our old house but, in fact, I actually enjoy. For instance, we don’t have a dishwasher here so instead of letting your dishes pile up by the sink, you need to wash them right away. This seems inconvenient but you end up spending little amounts of time throughout the day at the sink with a clean kitchen to show for it, instead of a good chunk of time at one part of the day whilst looking at your dishes all day. We also chose not to have wi-fi in the main house, just in the office. Again, I thought this would be hugely inconvenient, but it has proven to be a blessing. It regulates our online time to a few concentrated times a day instead of constantly checking our devices, surfing the internet or what have you. It was something that I was conscious about in the old house but was such an incredibly hard habit to break.

Alas, so far the country is treating us right. Granted, it is summer and we can play outside from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. I may be singing a far different tune come November. Until then, we will profiter to the max.




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