The Grocery Getter

25 Jul

I was that mom. The other day in the store. The one you sort of grimace at when you see her, trying to balance groceries and two kids with little tuffs of hair sticking out the sides of her once kept bun. The one who looks a little disheveled, bleary, annoyed…with a hint of defeat in her eyes.

I almost just gave in to the chaos. I was one step away from an adult tantrum in aisle 7.

But pride is an amazing thing. It really holds you together in the end. I kept hearing my more polished self screaming, “Don’t do it! It is a slippery slope! The grocery store meltdown is the first step to all-day-every-day-yoga-pants-wearing-I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck-anymore momhood. Stop while you still have a trace of dignity left!”

So despite a very squirmy pint-sized toddler and a demanding slightly older toddler, I prevailed.

I may or may not have downed some chocolate covered goodies on the drive back home…you know, to reward my more composed self.



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