What’s Cooking

28 Jul

I have a variety of cookbooks but only five that I keep on constant rotation. I would like to share them with you.

First up is The Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef by Shauna James Ahern – fabulous book for those gluten-free and not. The stories really pull you in – this is actually a cookbook that you will want to sit and read cover to back before cooking. It just pulls you in and won’t let you go. The braised beans are an absolute must in our house – every week I make these. This book gets all lovey-dovey about local and seasonal foods which I am totally on board for.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s My Father’s Daughter is actually quite divine. I am really loving almost every recipe in this book and have made quite a few of them staples in our house. Yes, she is perfect and looks way better in the kitchen than I do (where is the nagging toddler at her heels and bits of shredded kale on the floor? Tomato sauce all over the stovetop? No? Ok, fine) but the recipes are damn good too. Simple and good for you and super yummy.

Baking in my house is hands down due to this book by Jennifer Katzinger from the storied Flying Apron bakery in my old hood. Baking gluten-free is sometimes annoyingly difficult to assemble the 10 different flours you need to replicate good ol- fashioned white flour but this book uses primarily two different flours. TWO. And they are delicious, obviously. All my muffins, scones, cookies and pie crusts come form this book. The savory fares are also wonderful and simple. She has a new book out that I am eager to browse through as well.

The River Cottage series are unbeatable. They are the bibles of my kitchen. The Everyday River Cottage cookbook holds all my favorite basics – sauces, lunch staple, veggies, meat, fish, dessert etc…and some wow-your-guests-dishes as well. Like I said, it is my cookbook bible – where I go when I forget the ratios for pesto or how to roast a duck. Essential.

Lastly, Taste Eat Heal by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda and Johnny Brannigan. This is an Ayurvedic cookbook which I try to base most of my meals on when summer is over and fresh produce is harder to come by. It is chock full of hearty, yummy meals that really get me through the winter. I studied Ayurveda and have been captured by it ever since…it is truly a life-changing way of looking at food. This book explains all the background behind Ayurveda and how each dish will or will not benefit you.

And there you have it. My top five favs. My go-to mainstays. The reason we eat great meals…most days.

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3 Responses to “What’s Cooking”

  1. jessanna83 August 10, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    Also love My Father’s Daughter. Simply divine cook book. Have you tried the white bean soup? just lovely. Also can’t go past the apple spice crumb muffins and blueberry muffins. So simple and so delish 🙂 Definitely going to look up the other cook books you mention, always looking for more inspiration!

    • oh darling love August 26, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

      I am waiting for Fall to try the bean soups! Have to leave something to look forward to when the weather turns colder 🙂 The granola is a standout – finally whipped some up the other day and now am obsessed.


  1. Beets, Greens and Zucchini « oh darling love - August 21, 2012

    […] Taste mixture and adjust it by adding a little more cumin, garlic, lemon, salt and/or pepper, blending again until you are happy with it. Loosen with a dash of oil if you think it needs it. Refrigerate until you want to eat it, but bring back to room temperature to serve.  Miso Dressing – for salads. From My Father’s Daughter. […]

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