Own it, Love it and Live it

26 Aug

Last February, a group of my girlfriends got together for a coveted girl’s night out. The week prior I had sent out a simple request – in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, write down a few things that you like about each friend and we will exchange them that night.

One friend in particular was a little skeptical of my note – I wrote that she doesn’t apologize for who she is. I assured her it was a wonderful compliment.

And I stand by my words.

To live a life not apologizing for your beauty or luxuries or insecurities or intellect is quite an achievement in my book. It shows a great deal of confidence.  All too often we meet people who try to hide their success or great fortune as to not come across like Rick Ross – lots of talent but a little supercilious. I am guilty of this as well. I catch myself downplaying my degree from an elite liberal arts college in fear of misperception, when I should be singing my praises. I definitely worked my ass off for those few years and I should be proud, damn it, and not apologizing for it.

In other words, we each need a little Kayne in us…just a dab will do…because there is a fine line between bragging and confidence. This is where my friend truly shines through. She is smart, attractive and can belt out notes you only hear on Top 100 albums (she does a mean Welcome to the Jungle). What I love about her is that she takes these assets and works them. She owns them. She is proud of them. She doesn’t hide her happiness or achievements – in fact, she announces them, which I find so refreshing!

She is also one of the more generous people I know – always eager to share her wealth – whether is be extra crabs caught that morning or picking out a beautiful frock from her closet for an upcoming wedding or party.

Don’t apologize for who you are. I personally think that is a goal we should all strive for – embrace your assets and your faults. Own ’em, love ’em and live ’em.


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