The Hike

28 Aug

So, I am trying to get some muscle back in these tired old legs of mine in time for ski season. Since introducing my lovely two children to this world I have yet to pick up where I left off – in other words, I haven’t moved my ass in four years.

Since we are a short 20 minute drive from a popular but grueling 2 mile hike (2 miles and 2,005 vertical feet – howzers – talk about a thigh burner, 4 miles roundtrip), I decided to bust my butt once a week trudging up this hill.

I am not one to enjoy exercising per se…I loath sweat and am not good at challenging my body. The fact that this hike is in the woods until you reach the top is also a problem – I like to be able to see my destination, to gauge how much longer I have to endure the misery. It is a test of physical and mental strengths.

So after only reaching a little more than half way up my first attempt, Nick dropped me off at the trailhead and took the kids up to the top via car to wait for me to appear. That motivation helped a lot. Now, I am proud to say I can do it without the greeting at the top (although I am thinking of driving my bike to the top, driving back down to the trailhead and biking my way down – another incentive to reach the top).

These photos are of the view you get when you “summit.”


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