How to Do Barn Chores

15 Sep

My parents took a little trip to Oregon to visit my sister so we were on barn chores for a few days. The kids know more than I do – they do barn chores with Gramma all the time. Maya knew the names of the horses by heart before I did. Scooping poop, throwing hay and filling up water troughs…oh and fly masks. Sebastien goes straight for the hay masks, picks one up and throws it over his shoulder – then he goes to the hay and piles a bunch in his arms to throw to the horses. He’s got it down pat. Maya, of course, has been doing this for years so she is all over it.

Nothing like an 18 month old picking up horse nuggets and tossing them in the wheel barrow – I guess the rake isn’t of much use to him – and a 3 year old licking water out of the trough….yep, I think they are liking the farm life all right.

Here are some pictures of our walk to the barn…


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