The Farm Life So Far…

20 Sep

It has been two months since we moved from the city to the farm and here is what I have learned thus far:

  • Running a farm – even if it is just a family farm that feeds its residents only – is hard work. Hard enough work that with two young children, I have had very little time to help.
  • We eat way better. With fresh veggies or fruit to pick for every meal and a long drive ahead of us for meat, we have increased our produce intake and reduced our meat/dairy intake. It feels good to eat greens every day.
  • We spend less on thoughtless shopping. With a 30-45 minute drive ahead of any shopping excursion, we buy less of the “oh sure, let’s just swing by the thrift store real quick” or “hmmm, I don’t feel like cooking, let’s order a pizza.”
  • Life is slower. I no longer feel bored after an afternoon in our cramped backyard and feel the need to drive around in search of something to do. I now realize how much I would just hop in the car to go to a thrift store or grocery store just to get out of the house. I now know that that caused a bit of franticness and a little too much activity.
  • Living in a small community is totally rad – the bookmobile guys know me by name, the ladies in my yoga class are chatty and want to know more about me, the owner of the grocery store I frequent knows me and we have kids in the same class…everyone is so nice.
  • We drive longer distances but less often. This feels better for some reason – less frantic.
  • My kids are soooooo happy frolicking around.
  • There are so many aspects that make a farm work – there is always something you could be doing, fixing, making or cleaning. I suppose that is true with any residence but if you have animals that depend on you and gardens waiting to nourish you if given the proper attention, there is a stronger need here it seems.
  • I am more organized (which I didn’t think was possible. Organize may as well be my middle name) and more creative. With longer distances to stores, mail and banks, I have to plan ahead as to hit all the needed spots in one outing. I devised a better weekly menu guide for myself to further organize our week – more on that later.
  • It’s ok if my children touch horse poop, pick up dead moles or mice and poke at coyote scat with a stick. This is not going to kill them. Just remember to wash their hands afterwards…especially the little guy who likes to suck his thumb.
  • It’s hard to be bored here.
  • I have been back to Seattle twice in two months and I don’t miss a thing yet (aside from our friends but we have managed to see everyone about as much as we did when we lived within 15 minutes of each other).

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