I Think I Just Fell in Love…

2 Oct

with a town. It’s name is Port Townsend.

If Chris’s interview didn’t persuade you that this town is the cat’s meow maybe this post will.

It started out like any other school morning – rushed and a tad bit stressful. Maya had slept in so that left exactly 32 minutes to get everyone dressed, fed, lunch packed, car packed and out the door. No small feat.

And then I went to a dance class…and my whole world shifted a bit.

I went to a Nia class in Port Townsend (at Madrona) and had the best hour of exercise/dance EVER. It was beyond what I had expected and I cannot wait to go every week from here to eternity. This was the mood I was in as I drove around this beautiful little town doing some errands – the town is surrounded by water and on a morning like today, where all you can see is blue water and blue skies and a mountain range across the water, it was pure magic.

So the scenery is gorgeous, they have rad dance classes and get this…everyone is nice. Every where you go, every one is nice and warm and kind. Also, the Co-Op is reaalllly starting to win my heart. I just love everything about it and it will be so easy to live with less waste now.

That is all.

(and because our September and now October have been so warm and sunny, above is a shot of our dinner the other night…still al fresco)


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