A Little Peek at Doe Bay

3 Oct

Our little vacation was thoroughly enjoyed – it’s funny how quickly you can get used to not having your children around. Kind of scary actually.

So this was our view from our yurt…kind of nuts right?!

Orcas is a really fun place and Doe Bay especially. Thursday night is Pizza Night and Open Mic at the Doe Bay Cafe and it was a lovely way to spend the evening. It sparked some energy into lingering thoughts about farm life, community and background. I have been having a tough time connecting the dots to why I went to the college that I did (which I think really defined me as a person in a lot of different ways) and how, now, I am being seduced by the farm life. How does one get from there to here? In any event, here I sat, amongst a room full of young and cheerful people – most of whom I gathered worked for the resort or perhaps on neighboring farms or what have you – and feeling totally enamored by this community.

On the walk back to our yurt you could still here the musicians trying their hand at the mic…and as I lay down to sleep, thinking about this connection again – how did I go from an Economics major to wanting to live off  the land? And then the craziest thing happened. The girl who was on the mic started singing Strawberry Wine – a song that my friend Micaela would play all the time during our first year of school and to this day takes me right back to the Comstock hallways.

It was a sign…I just don’t know what it means yet.



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