The One Where the Rain Starts

30 Oct

And it is here. The rainy season – usually lasting until about June. Sigh.

Luckily, we had the most wonderful wedding to attend to this past weekend – it was held on a island in the Sound only accessible by private boat. The weather promised wind, rain and periods of all out nastiness but none of this could stop the fun that was had by all. We traded heels for rain boots and lace for waterproof jackets – some wore full on Grundens and some spiced in up with fancy hats and bow ties. I got away with wearing a sequined cardigan under my rain gear – I only have so many opportunities to get dressed up these days.

It is an occasion like this that begs me to stay in this area – dozens and dozens of friends from high school (and elementary and middle since we’re mentioning it) as well as old friends and new friends (Melissa! Heidi! Ellen!). It is hard to think of a better community to live near – it also reminds me of why our upbringing was so special and what I can only hope our own children get to experience. We still see a ton of friends from high school and still, gulp, love them. I promise we have branched out some but these friends are time and time again the ones we lean against and share our lives with. Through this core group we have shared stories of skipping school and climbing water towers to weddings and children. It is hard to find a group of people that will keep you company on such a long journey.

It is also through these old friends that we meet new ones – I had so much fun meeting, what I hope are, fast new friends. It is always nice to welcome in some fresh air and especially when you discover you share similar dreams, ideas and traits. Nothing can be more exhilarating that talking with someone you connect with.

Speaking of connecting, I had the opportunity to reconnect with a dear old friend whom I had felt I was drifting away from. She reminded me of our foundation, of our commitment to a friendship that will indeed have its ebbs and flows – time is sacred and while we can no longer see each other as often as we would like – those ties will always be there. Needless to say, I lot of happy tears were shed.

This reminds me of my college friends as well – we are spread out all over the world but when we get together every year, it is as if we never left the comfortable confines of our college house hallway. I now think it is entirely possible to have a best friend you only see once a year or even talk to every few months – if the foundation and love is there, the friendship will prevail all tests of time and distance. Those are the truly delightful relationships.

Phew – it is amazing how emotionally exhausting a wedding and a few bottles of sparkling cider can be.


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