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Ahhh…the Country

26 Nov

The last 10 days of our Maui vacation was spent visiting with our friends in a small “town” called Kipahulu – forty minutes from Hana – it’s waaaay out there. It was super nice to have so much space for the kids to wander as well as some new playmates.

In our quest to find “our place” – where we would like to settle down for a while – it is essential to travel around and see all sorts of other ways of living. While Maui is not where I would like to spend all year (despite the warmth and the beauty, it just seems odd to wear flip-flops during Thanksgiving), visiting our friends in the country definitely helped me realize that I would love some space…some land. Cities are fantastic and I love to visit them, but now I know for sure that land and fresh air and room to roam is what we need. So there’s that.


It Ain’t What it Used to Be

8 Nov

Vacations. Ok, so I’m still stuck on this thought.

Aside from the sleep depravation that is still haunting us (why does it take a toddler so long to catch up to the damn time difference!?), the days are much better – full of playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. But it dawned on me yesterday as I was trying to read a book on the beach and my son was pouring sand on top of my head, I may need to amend my idea of vacation.

A vacation is no longer the stuff of late mornings, no work, lazy beach days full of swimming and reading more than a few sentences at a time and quiet, relaxing dinners. They are no longer a welcome break from your normal, everyday life. They are merely your life in a different locale – you still have the 3 year old climbing in your bed at 2 in the morning or the nap schedule to adhere to or the late afternoon meltdowns to sooth. While I may sound tremendously spoiled (as I type in the 85 degree goodness that surrounds me), it is a slightly disappointing realization – you simply cannot escape your exhausting quotidian routine.

Alas, the upside is that on vacation you get to do said routine (once the kids get on the right time schedule, ahem) on the slopes or on the beach or in a foreign land with strange foods and interesting scenery. You are exposing your kids to different walks of life. Shaking things up a bit. In the end it’s all merely for the benefit of the children – I am so not enjoying endless swimming in ocean and pool, eating fish and pineapples daily or that damn sweet tropical air.

This is worth the long flights and the disrupted sleep schedule.

I think.


Vacations are Overrated

6 Nov

Say what? Yes. This is what I was thinking 24 hours into our vacation to the Valley Isle.

It wasn’t the 6 hour flight with two children under three that did it…it was relatively mild even though I had to spend a few minutes holed up in the bathroom while my year-and-a-half year old screamed bloody murder. Who could blame him? It was his nap time and here I was trying to coerce him down in an ergo while streaming past totally interesting strangers and TV monitors at every glance. He probably thought I had gone completely nuts – come on lady, you think I am going to fall asleep among all this delicious eye candy? You, the same woman who has consistently put me down in a crib to sleep at roughly the same time for the past year, think I will now magically fall asleep in a freaking backpack? Yes, you have lost your mind and now I am going to lose mine.

So there was that. And there was the utter meltdown of two sleep-deprived souls (and no, I am not talking about me or my husband although I was close) upon arrival of our new happy home. And the 3AM wake-up call from the little guy who, again, looked at me like I was a crazy person when I tried to explain that yes, it is 6AM back home, but here it is still deemed appropriate to be ASLEEP. The kid has an internal clock like no other.

Oh and the creepy creature called the centipede who bit my foot as I tried to quietly sail past a sleeping child to throw a diaper to said awake child in the next room. And yes, is was dark and yes, I thought for sure I was dying. Centipedes are by far the nastiest little buggers you will ever lay eyes on and now I am paranoid about meeting another one. (Disclaimer, in all the many many times I have visited Maui, this was my first bite)

No, it was driving into town at 3 PM the next day to go grocery shopping and getting stuck in traffic, watching the sugar canes sway in the muggy wind and the grey swirls of smoke dance around the blue skies. It was the throngs of people rushing in and out of the stores. It was the $8 pint of milk and $5 avocados (don’t they grow them here?!). It was the 12 minutes it took to drive 2 miles on South Kihei Road.

Living in the country has ruined my sense of paradise.

But then, once you are settled – even though your youngest child is still waking up at 4 AM eager to start the day – and you look around and realize that yes, I am exhausted but I am wearing a sun dress and it is November. I went swimming this morning – at 8 AM and it was hot out. I can see the beach from our lanai (or Nana and Popa’s lanai – thank HEAVENS for vacationing with grandparents) and have eaten guri-guri every afternoon.

Ok, so maybe vacations have some upsides…

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