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Farm Life So Far…Winter

28 Jan


IMG_1027How is farm life so far? Well…it is officially Winter. We have seen snow a handful of times already. While it is indeed as cold and wet as I remember it to be, it is not that dissimilar to the weather in the city…we just have to play in it more here. We don’t have the easy escape of the zoo or aquarium…we are forced to make do with snowsuits and raincoats on a daily basis to play in the creeks and woods. While we do have a library that is great for when you really just don’t want to mess with the hour ordeal of dressing and undressing in outdoor gear, we have yet to use it this season.

IMG_0988The draw of living out here hasn’t waned yet for me. I still find solance in the vast land and diversity of play areas. I still find it easier to manuevor through the day without having to pack everyone up in a car to get a break from our small city lot. I still appreciate the drive to the grocery store and it actually seems shorter now that I have driven it may times over. The dark wet days don’t seem so bad when you have plenty of land to explore under the protection of the trees and it reminds me of my childhood playing in the woods year-round.

IMG_0999While I sometimes wonder if I am missing out on the social aspect of living in the city nearer our friends, I am assured that I am not. We make it in to the city for parties and get-togethers and I find we see our friends just as much as when we lived a short mile apart. The visits seem more intentional and appreciated now that we know we cannot just stop by on any given day.  We spend quite a lot of time up at the ski mountain so that balances our lives out pretty fairly I’d say – plenty of friends there, plenty of snow and fun. (Hence all the mountain photos!)

So, alas, I am happy to say that we have decided to stay…


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