Enchanting Tales

5 Feb

I have avoided the “princess phase” for nearly four years…but alas, here we are in full princess mode. I suppose it was inevitable. So, since the princess world is not to be skipped I need to find some stories that do not revolve around Disney characters and being saved by a prince. Because she has already latched on to Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, I am on the hunt for cool renditions of these classic tales…more on that later. (Still on the hunt for the perfect ones)

But I did find some great princess stories that didn’t involve a prince rescuing the poor lass in the end.

rootchildren3 sibille_olfers_blackberry_smallThe first is The Princess in the Forest by Sibyille Von Olfers about a princess’s day in the forest and all of her friends that help her and play. No mention of a prince and no moral dilemma to solve. Just a simple lovely story. She has a whole series about nature children – the snow children, the wind children, the root children…they are all so adorable I am having a hard time picking a few to purchase.

Elsa Beskow In the forestThe second is Princess Sylvie by Elsa Beskow about a princess who wanders off into the wood and befriends a bear. This is the best children’s author I have found yet! I am going through each and every one with great delight. Again, having a hard time choosing just a few. I highly recommend looking these up at your library…I find it hard not to fall in love with the beautiful illustrations and story lines.

danie Kunstdruck_Zwergenmuetzen_A3_grAnother author worth mentioning is Daniela Drescher. Talk about magical! The pictures take you to another world and the stories are full of fantasy that my children fall right into. Fairies and elves are big in our house now too.


One Response to “Enchanting Tales”

  1. Erica February 6, 2013 at 6:28 am #

    Have you read any of the Lulu Ladybug Girl books? She isn’t a princess, but sometimes she plays one, along with many other characters. They are a big hit in our house! I too am resisting the princesses as much as possible!

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