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Clean as a Whistle

13 May

DSC_0040I think we have officially made the switch from city kid to country kid – although I doubt they could have qualified as nice, clean city kids, they have never been one to shy away from dirt and I have never been one to discourage it. But today definitely reminded me that I live on a farm.

We start the afternoon building bow and arrows out of string and tree branches – they will be used against the bad guys on our walk. Maya has decided that she wants to collect some more llama fiber that is scattered all across the pasture from when said llama was killed by the cougar a few months ago. Nothing like a mission to collect fur/hair from a dead carcass.

We get sidetracked by the (living) llamas and horses  at the barn and before I know it, Sebastien is sitting, naked-butt and all, happy as can be in the horse water trough. The dirty, grassy water trough. Maya dutifully strips down to join him. (Remember, we walked out here through piles of llama and horse poop, which I can only imagine ended up on their shoes Рshoes that are now jumping up and down in said water trough.)

So here she is, splashing water all over her body and scrubbing her face, all the while gleefully telling me how she will not need to take a bath tonight since she is cleaning herself now.

Uh huh.

I look at them and giggle a little. Oh to be a kid and enjoy these little moments of pure happiness, totally unaware of the grossness of the situation.

DSC_0038We then march across the fields to collect fiber and check on the skeleton – luckily we are distracted by one of the creeks where Maya picks a big bundle of skunk cabbage leaves and instructs us to stick them in our shirts as they will be our fairy wings. So now in addition to the possibly poopy but definitely grassy and dirty sheen to their skin, they stink like skunk cabbage.

The clincher is at dinner when Maya grabs a raven feather out of her hair (she stuck it in her pigtail buns) and starts playing with it while eating her food. Nick is so disgusted. He attempts to explain to her why feathers from birds are quite filthy, but she retorts that it is clean since she found it by the water trough.


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